3 Signs You Have a Frankenstein Network

The screams and scares of Halloween are almost upon us. Soon, ghosts, vampires, and zombies will be roaming the streets, scaring everyone (or thing) they cross paths with. One of the scariest, of course, is Frankenstein’s monster. As is well known, Frankenstein’s monster was created from parts of animal, objects, and anything Victor (the scientist) could find use in. All of these parts were meshed together in an attempt to create this other being. Does this resemble your network? Rather than having a whole strategy, do you operate part by part, addressing specific problems as need be? With IT being as advanced as it is these days, not having strategy will hurt you in the long run.

Here are three signs that you have a Frankenstein network:

You’re paying for your fixes part by part

When your network is down, or your computer breaks, or you’re experiencing a data breach, what do you do? Do you fish out that list of numbers you have, find a mechanic and call him up, asking him what your options are, how long it will take, and how much? If you address your problems this way, you definitely have a Frankenstein network. You are also approaching things from a break-fix, or reactive approach, and there are many, very good reason why the majority of business out there are shifting away from this approach. Getting in contact with a managed service provider (MSP) and switching your IT over to proactive support can save you a lot of money. How? Well, Dynamic Strategies will work with you to create a custom bundle full of all the IT services you need. And then, this bundle will be charged on a flat, subscription-based rate. This way, no need to worry about extra costs from specific, unexpected problems. We’ve got you covered, and we’ve just simplified budgeting for you. See how having a whole, encompassing strategy is better than focusing on parts? See how your broken, Frankenstein network can’t even compare to this big picture strategy?

Your gameplan is as unpredictable as Frankenstein’s monster

And Frankenstein’s monster was pretty unpredictable. He killed Victor’s wife, cou— we’ll stop there with the spoilers. Either way, if you don’t have a gameplan of how you’re going to manage your services, your fate could end up the same as the monster. Okay maybe not that dramatic, but it won’t be good. You need experts managing your IT, and at Dynamic Strategies, we have all the knowledgeable experts you could need.

When we provide you with our proactive services, we are providing you with the best gameplan in the industry. We will implement a software that scans your system 24/7/365 to make sure that nothing ever goes wrong. And if we find something, we will fix it remotely, right then and there! Our unlimited help desk will never let your network become a Frankenstein network. Get those fears out of here.

“You’re trapped”

Ah, the third and final clue to determine if you have a Frankenstein network. With businesses increasing rapidly at an unmatched global pace, mobility is pretty important. If you don’t have any cloud-based unified communications because your IT infrastructure has a bunch of mismatched parts, that’s a bad sign. These cloud-based unified communications will allow you to work and access your files from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a device and an internet connection. If you wish to be successful, you need to dust off the cobwebs and make a change. If Victor Frankenstein had made a few, critical changes, his and the monster’s outcome would have been vastly different.

At Dynamic Strategies, we will transform your Frankenstein network into such an impressive system, you will be the ones scaring others off. From network monitoring to the cloud, our services will take you to the next level. Contact us today and you’ll see.