5 Ways Cloud Service Providers Improve Employee Productivity

There seems to be an ongoing debate over how to increase productivity in the workplace. One school of thought leans toward cracking the whip by micro-managing intrusively. The other end of the spectrum leans towards being gentle and offering incentives to boost productivity. Whether you’re hard-core on one end or somewhere in the middle, it is important to utilize technology in your daily operations in order to stimulate productivity.

Cloud service providers are an excellent option for businesses that can completely overhaul how your company operates. Businesses with cloud service providers are giving rave reviews about the technology, even expressing how the cloud has exceeded their expectations. Not only will it cut costs on hardware, software and maintenance, employees are able to get more work done. Here are 5 ways cloud service providers improve employee productivity in the workplace.


Increased Access

There are some days when commuting to the office from home is not a possibility. Perhaps there is a snowstorm, heat wave, or other severe weather. Maybe someone has a sick child at home and they will not be in for a day or two. With a cloud service provider, employees are able to work remotely and access data from home or anywhere with a good Internet connection. Productivity is increased because there is no time lost and the employee is not faced with the stress of trying to commute.


Better Usage of Workforce

Servers on premises require an IT team dedicated to maintaining the server and making sure it functions properly. This is not necessary with cloud servers, which means the IT department can be relocated to take care of core operations instead of waiting around for things to break. The IT team can also be trained to handle other types of tasks that add to the company’s value, or they can be let go to cut costs.


Better Communication in the Office

With a cloud service provider, communications are improved amongst employees and their superiors. Instead of having to go to the boss every time there is a question about a project, communications can take place without having to leave the desk, saving on down time. Any type of software, app or web service can be deployed on the cloud as well, which leads to a cleaner user interface and more individual points of communication. With better communication, a more cohesive work environment is created that leads to more productivity.


Data Backup

Every piece of data that is hosted on the cloud is backed up. This allows a company to work continuously even in the event of a natural disaster. Employees are able to work in a happier and stress-free environment when they don’t have to worry about losing important information.



Cloud service providers offer scalability for when your company grows or chooses to downsize. Employees can generate any amount of data without having to be concerned about space, allowing them to continue working without sacrificing precious time that is better spent on productivity. There is no longer a need to ask the IT team every time there is an issue since they can be troubleshot online. The cloud can handle it all.


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