Top 5 Streaming Services and Their Impact on Your Business

Below is a link to a great article about the Best Live TV Streaming Services out there today:

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Here are 5 better questions to ask concerning these services and your organization:

  1. What does allowing steaming video do your end users productivity?
  2. Do you know what service you ARE allowing?
  3. What is the network impact of these services on your network?
  4. Have you investigated the security impact of allowing these types of services?
  5. Does your network have the ability to STOP these services from being run on your network?

These are important questions you should be asking yourself as these service become more common.  Be sure to know what the impact is not only to your IT infrastructure but to your business as a whole, contact us today if you need help answering these and other IT related questions!

Microsoft Office 365 Migration End User Training

Dynamic Strategies uses one of Microsoft’s premer training partners to deliver our end user training.  With DSI you not only get the best technical migration plan, but you can also have one of the best end user training plans so you get the full use of Microsoft Office 365 beyond just the basics!

We are proud to partner with Netcom Learning, a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner.  Netcom Learning brings almost 20 years of training experience to bare on multiple technology fronts.  Read more here about how Netcom Learning can help your team improve their skills.  DSI and Netcom Learning together brings a team that cannot be matched!

Dynamic Strategies and Microsoft 365 Migrations

Did you know that Dynamic Strategies has over 5 years of MS Office 365 migration experience?  Our team has experience migrating user communities of 5 to 500 users!  What’s the trick to a great migration with little to no user interruption?  Planning, Planning, Planning!  DSI takes the approach that the more you plan, the less you have to worry about post migration.  Due to our diligence in the planning phase we have had multiple migrations where the end users didn’t even know they had been migrated, except for the communication that said it was going to happen.  There are multiple tools and paths to get the migration done. But what is even more important is the planning, team, and execution.  Contact us today if you are considering making the move to Microsoft Office 365. We will work with you to ensure that your company takes the most efficient, cost effective, and painless path to get there.


Add Mimecast to your 365 Implementation!

By adding Mimecast to your 365 migration plans or after your migration is completed adds an extra layer of security, safety, and much more!  By partnering with DSI you can have a seamless migration with added security. Call us today to learn more!!

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A Startup Mentality For A 20+ Year Old Solutions Provider?

Read the latest editorial about Dynamic Strategies based on an interview with DSI’s own CEO; Darek Hahn.

A Startup Mentality For A 20+ Year Old Solutions Provider?

Headshot of Derek Hahn

What is Business Continuity Backup?

Not all Business Continuity Solutions are created equal.  See the following video that explains why it is import to have a Business Continuity Solution, NOT just backups!


Why do hackers want to attack small businesses?

Check out this article on the 5 reasons your small business is a target!

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Here are some scary statistics for you?  Are you in the red or green?  If so, call us today!

Adobe to pull plug on Flash, ending an era…

Adobe Systems Inc’s Flash, a once-ubiquitous technology used to power most of the media content found online, will be retired at the end of 2020, the software company announced Tuesday

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End Users – Are they the leak?

Ask yourself, how much money will I spend to keep my company safe from hackers?  Most people think they can do this with Firewalls, Antivirus, Backups, etc.

Read hear about who your biggest problem resides with?

5 Types of People You Don’t Want Managing Your IT Solutions

Our team believes that most are unintentionally allowing an attack to happen but if you are spending on the above and not on educating your team are you just throwing money away?

What is Ransomware?

Not sure what Ransomware is?  Read Here to learn!