Why Businesses are Turning to an MSP

The impact technology has made on the world is undeniable, especially in the business world. In fact, many businesses can’t run without it – their success depends on it! With IT holding this much importance, shouldn’t it have the best protection out there to keep it running smoothly?

The answer is yes, and the way to this solution is through a managed service provider (MSP). Up until now, the most popular way of dealing with technological difficulties was through a break-fix model. This is when you deal with the damage after it has already happened. However, businesses have been moving away from this method because it’s costly, inconvenient, unpredictable, and unreliable.

MSP services are the complete opposite. With us, you will finally be able to enjoy the IT convenience and savings you’ve been craving. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why businesses are increasingly turning to an MSP.

What is an MSP?

Rather than replacing your internal IT team, an MSP will partner up with your company to provide proactive IT support. Proactive means there will be a software that scans the system/server/computer 24/7/365 and warns of any potential danger. The benefits of this are invaluable. We’ll explain why in the next section. Back to these services though, an MSP will work with your company to create a bundle custom to you. For example, VelocITs’ managed IT services help businesses with internal IT staff manage functions such as network monitoring, BDR, storage, cloud computing, and much more.

Did we also mention that your bundle with these services all come at a flat, subscription-based rate? Budgeting just got a whole lot easier.

How does turning to an MSP benefit me?

In many, many ways. The proactive nature of these technologies is invaluably effective. With the 24/7 monitoring, this allows you to detect any problems FAST and fix them remotely before they can do any real damage. The system will prioritize problems by escalating the larger ones to high-skilled resources. This is beneficial for multiple reasons. Firstly, you won’t have to go through any downtime due to broken technology. Nothing halts business more than downtime. And secondly, this will also save you any additional costs from having to roll out a technician to your location.

Adding onto the cost benefit, by having managed services, you don’t have to pay extra to train an IT expert for your company. This way, you also never have to worry about a member of your IT staff going on vacation or taking a break. Our technology, along with an expert help desk, will work for you non-stop. Unlimited access. Isn’t this the peace of mind all businesses need?

What’s different about VelocIT?

Here at VelocIT, it’s a given that we will provide you with all the technical assistance you need. But more importantly, we strive to become a long-term partner with our clients. Our very first client is still doing business with us. We will look at ourselves as your partner, and when we help you succeed, our partnership strengthens. We take it as a high responsibility of ours to accept and resolve any service request fully. This is what a dedicated MSP looks like, and this is why businesses are turning to us. Don’t hesitate to contact us!