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What Exactly is Velocity Advantage?

Everyday management of people and operations is complex and consumes resources. If you want to build internal systems, be aware that it takes time and maintenance costs. To transitions with ease, it’s best to partner with an experienced managed services provider (MSP) such as Dynamic Strategies. Our Velocity Advantage service is the definition of speed when it comes to finding quality IT solutions.

Lower Costs

Businesses that contract MSPs don’t need to worry about hiring and training in-house IT staff. They’ll get a team of IT experts for a flat monthly fee, while also saving on the cost of hardware and software licenses. A business with a more traditional IT approach wastes time searching for the right IT candidate and then getting the person onboard. Meanwhile, the IT issues pile up. However, for a business utilizing managed services such as Velocity Advantage, this process is cost-effective and taken care of ahead of time.

IT Experts

Managed service providers have the responsibility of hiring trained and certified IT experts. As a business owner, your main job is to focus on ways to grow your business, and not waste resources on the training for IT staff. Training is necessary in a world of rapidly changing technology, but as a managed service, Velocity Advantage will take away that stress, offering solutions tailor-made for your specific business needs. While traditionally run businesses tend to exhaust resources educating staff that comes and goes, smart ones invest in innovation.

Innovative Technology

Many business owners are convinced that their IT staff should maintain the servers, take care of each employee’s computer, and perform manual data backups. What they don’t understand is that these are routine tasks, and that time is better spent implementing new technologies. Velocity Advantage is a solution that gives that time back to IT staff. In-house staff can then use that extra time, new innovative technology, and their unique company knowledge to create new applications, implement new business processes, and much more.

Security & Compliance

Following regulations on client data protection (such as credit card numbers, for example) can become complicated. To meet compliance standards, businesses routinely burden their IT staff with workstation and server audits and firewall maintenance. Velocity Advantage guarantees 24/7/365 monitoring on all aspects of security and compliance, promptly fixing errors and adapting to new regulations with no effort required on your part.

Higher Tech-Capabilities

A large percentage of organizations use MSPs to access external IT resources. Such providers already have experience with countless technologies, offering higher capability in meeting demands. An MSP can respond to restructuring needs very quickly, whether it’s a single, time-sensitive project, or a sudden expansion. MSPs can also produce new systems and technology at a speed that in-house IT teams simply can’t match. A traditional business may waste months and lose clients in the process of manually searching for solutions. Velocity Advantage, however, has solutions can be up and running quickly and efficiently.

Sounds good, right? Contact us to find out what Velocity Advantage could do for your company, today.