Outsourcing Cybersecurity is a Smart Choice

The cybersecurity landscape is changing at a fast pace and most of the organizations that need to secure their online presence are not prepared for it. Cybercriminals are coming up with unique ways to infiltrate organization networks to steal sensitive data or to infect the system with malware thus putting the business to a halt. In the Digital Defense Report, Microsoft highlights the increase in identity-based and ransomware attacks on the internet.

The WannaCry ransomware attack that paralyzed 200,000 computers running on Microsoft Windows across 150 countries is the reason organizations demand security against cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity is a full-time job as protection against online threats is needed round the clock. Small businesses hand the responsibility of cybersecurity to an under-skilled IT team or most lack the proper infrastructure required to access and handle threats as soon as they originate. Most organizations are not cybersecurity experts and lack the ability to deal with cyber threats. These are the reasons why many firms consider hiring services of a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider.

Some of the reason why a firm should consider hiring the services of an MDR are:

1- Cost-Effectiveness

Even though organizations are spending more and more on Information Technology, the issue of budget deficit still exists. Skilled cybersecurity professionals are too costly to be hired for most firms and then the problem of providing them with expensive cybersecurity infrastructure arises. All these problems can be avoided by outsourcing your cybersecurity to an MDR.

MDR provides excellent cybersecurity infrastructure, skilled professionals, and strategic consulting to assess your company’s cybersecurity needs. 24/7 monitoring and protection against threats by outsourcing your cybersecurity is less costly and more efficient.

2- Professional Security Expertise

Many businesses lack the internal IT infrastructure to deal with a cyberattack. And even when they do have a dedicated IT staff, handing over cybersecurity issues to them means not utilizing them at their full capacity for the main goal of the business. Sometimes in-house IT staff is not as experiences in the cybersecurity niche or lack the proper equipment to deal with malicious actors that threaten an organization’s online presence. When an organization establishes an outsourced cybersecurity model by handing it over to an MDR, they get the services of skilled cybersecurity professionals who excel in the field and are familiar with the cybersecurity landscape. MDR professionals have in-depth knowledge and come armed with better solutions to secure an organization’s cyber presence.

3- Efficient Risk Management

An MDR that specializes in cybersecurity and risk management will better assess and deal with online threats as compared to an in-house IT team, outsourced cybersecurity is the best option for efficient risk management. Professionals assess and identify the weak points that are a potential risk for a cyberattack. By hiring an out-sourced MDR, your organization can get benefits like qualitative and quantitative analysis of risks, end-point threats. They also help to configure an organization’s networks, systems, and apps to assess and manage cyber risks.

4- Round-the-Clock Protection

What most businesses fail to realize is that protection against online threats is needed 24/7. Having an in-house cybersecurity team that is online 24/7 is not an option for most organizations. MDR’s provide round the clock monitoring that greatly improves threat prevention. As they monitor security across a number of clients, MDR’s are better equipped to detect and deal with new threats before they do catastrophic damage.

5- Remote Workspace Expansion

Millions of employees are working from home due to the pandemic, connecting to corporate clouds and networks using a variety of devices. Sometimes the organizations have provided endpoints loaded with security software. The employees on the other end-point login using devices with little or no security. This provides cybercriminals a golden chance to get into corporate networks unnoticed.

Organizations can prevent this from happening by hiring the services of an MDR provider. Professional MDR providers ingest data from multiple sources enabling them to do better and context-aware analysis to make intelligent and informed decisions thus providing the employees unfettered access while keeping the malicious actors at bay.