Pros and Cons of Workplace Mobility

Workplace mobility gives employees and customers the ability to access their information from any of their own devices, and from anywhere. This trend is being highly influenced by the many great benefits that it possesses for everyone that is involved. More and more businesses are starting to realize this as time goes on.


The fact that you are able to view your content from virtually anywhere definitely improves the efficiency and the productivity of your business. Overall, you will have a much greater response from people. When customers have 24/7 access to your content, your revenue will surely increase, maybe even rapidly. This gives everyone from every lifestyle the opportunity to shop or work as they see fit for themselves.


When employees have extended access to critical work applications it gives them more of a sense of empowerment and enablement. This leads to greater employee satisfaction. Employees will feel more important being able to basically carry their work with them and access it wherever they go.

Employee Satisfaction

When employees view their overall compensation package, the flexibility to work when and where they choose is becoming an extremely important part of it, almost just as important as the pay. This especially holds true for younger workers. They tend to take a good look at flexible schedules and work locations, access to social media, and the ability and privilege of being able to use their own devices to work while on the go just as much as they look at how much a job is going to pay them. For many people, it is all about convenience.

Beneficial to Business

Workplace mobility is beneficial to businesses for a number of different reasons. For starters, it is power saving. When employees are using their own devices to work it can lead to reduced costs, better employee engagement, higher employee compliance, and higher adoption.

The Downside

As with anything in life, there is a downside to workplace mobility. One of these challenges is security. While employees and consumers are asking for quicker and easier access to their account information and work applications, sophisticated hackers are taking advantage of every little crack in the security system. You will often find that the performance of some of these work applications may be poor and slow, which can definitely hamper things. Challenges may arise from having to ensure secure data access from multiple devices at multiple places at all times. You have to figure out how to have a high-performing and secure environment that doesn’t destroy the cost saving and the revenue opportunities associated with employees and customers using their own devices to interact with you when they choose.