Quick Tip: How to create an email template in Outlook

For some this may be a no brainer, but do you send the same emails to people on a regular basis?  Did you know you can create an email template in Outlook so you just click on it and fill in the missing details?
Here’s a simple way to create a template:
  1. Open a new email
  2. Type in the standard information (even highlight the areas regularly changed)
  3. Click on the FILE tab (top left) and choose “save as”
  4. In the dialog box type the file name you want to save the file as
  5. in the “Save as type:” box chose “Outlook Template”
  6. Click Save (NOTE: don’t change the location you save it in!)

To use your template:

  1. Click on the New Items button (next to the New Email button)
  2. In the drop down choose More Items and then Choose Form.
  3. In the “Look In” box (top of the box that pops up) chose “user templates in File System.”
  4. Highlight your template and say open
  5. Voila you have an email template to use!