How To Keep Your Remote Team Productive (and Motivated)

How To Keep Your Remote Team Productive (and Motivated)

Many businesses are in the midst of a major shift from physical to virtual offices.

Adopting a virtual system has become more popular than ever. It’s not surprising that a lot more people are working from home.

Virtual offices are even more relevant considering our new reality. The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to businesses. Remote teams will matter for these times and beyond.

The benefits of having a remote team are numerous. However, the challenge of coordinating this team can be daunting, even for experienced business owners.

Do you want to keep your remote team productive and motivated? Read on.

Why This is Important

The home setting creates certain complications that the office environment would have otherwise dispelled. The burden of chores, childcare, online schooling, and taking care of family and pets may be overwhelming.

Employees may be heavily distracted, since working at home doesn’t always instill a sense of urgency. It is important to keep staff productive and motivated.

How to Achieve Motivation in Remote Workers

There are a variety of strategies that business owners can employ to keep a remote team at their possible best. A remote team can be spurred on to beat the distance and a lack of direct physical supervision.

Here’s how:

  • The right environment

This is a great starting point. As with physical offices, the right workspace sets the mood. Remote teams should be encouraged to find a quiet, productive corner of their homes for this purpose. If possible, offer an office stipend to help cover costs of appropriate home office equipment.

  • Internal communication

The exchange of files and data should be in sync and seamless. Virtual offices should employ suitable digital tools to achieve this.

  • Ensure Cyber Security

Many businesses are going virtual, and so are scammers and hackers.

Employees often have access to sensitive work materials. With the ever-present risk of cyber theft, these materials must be protected.

Some companies provide solutions for remote team cybersecurity. VelocIT empowers remote teams with the security that they need to safely operate. With end-user devices, virtual offices are secured with features such as endpoint encryption, e-mail management, and security.

  • Team building activities

Bosses should strive to create one big happy work family. Team bonding activities promote greater rapport, the free exchange of ideas, and ultimately increase productivity.

  • Flexibility

If feasible, let them pick their own work hours. This is a smart way to keep remote teams motivated and productive.

There are peaks and valleys of each new day. It is best to catch team members at their best.

  • Be honest about your expectations

To make this work, there should be clear targets and schedules. Employers should factor in the new realities and keep these expectations realistic.

Team members who meet these expectations may be rewarded at intervals. This will keep them motivated.

  • Accommodate needs

One size doesn’t fit all here. Some staff may struggle more with working from home than others. Consider this and be patient as they adjust, and offer accommodations where necessary.

  • Strike a balance

There should be a fair balance between motivation and productivity. Motivation can become a distraction if the activities are drawn out.

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