Why an MSP Can Be Trusted Like Family

Why an MSP Can Be Trusted Like Family

An MSP (managed services provider) cares for you like their own. Rather than turning up when your systems go haywire, an MSP takes proactive measures to keep your business and IT running smoothly.

While several IT services companies claim to engage in MSP practices, not all businesses are equal. In fact, there are many so-called “MSPs” that actually profit from other avenues such as break/fix work.

For those with a small to mid-size business, outsourcing your IT support can be more beneficial than hiring and training your own staff. If you’re on the hunt for a genuine MSP that can be trusted like your own kin, here are a few signs to look for:

An MSP Looks Out for Your Health

A true managed services provider offers more stable and efficient results compared to traditional IT service providers. Rather than earning revenue from hardware/software or repair services, they profit from doing real-time problem remediation. They also analyze all the moving parts of your business (people, processes, and assets) to prevent future problems.

A good MSP focuses on keeping your systems healthy rather than allowing issues to slip through the cracks and then profiting from fixing those failures. Your success equates to their success.

Predictable Costs All the Way

Not only do managed services companies solve IT-related problems quicker, but they also deliver a more controlled monthly expense. This cost only increases as your business grows, so you’re never faced with unexpected charges or hidden fees.

A well-run MSP will see failure within your business as a failure on their part. For instance, if you experience a power outage, malware infection, or hardware failure – your MSP should take full responsibility.

They will strive to turn negative customer experiences into ways to improve for the future rather than seizing it as an opportunity to make more income.

Proactive and Engaged

A true managed services provider should keep your network proactively managed and maintained. After gaining a thorough understanding of your business objectives and aligning their service model with your goals, they must stay engaged with you as your needs change.

Rather than benefitting from your failures, a good MSP is happy and healthy when your business is the same. They win from preventing issues in the first place and thrive off a mutually beneficial relationship with their clients.

If you’re ready to partner with an MSP that truly looks out for your well-being like family – look no further than the team at Dynamic Strategies.

how managed services can hep your business

It’s all about your business outcomes with an MSP

It’s fairly apparent that businesses are relying more and more on technology to operate and communicate. Technology is no longer a “Necessary Evil” as many businesses once viewed it. You are either technology strategic or technology dependent, or you will be shortly out of business.

Choosing the right managed services provider (MSP) can be the catalyst that can create an incredible opportunity for your business. You need someone who understands the business outcomes associated with the technology you use and how to leverage it effectively.


What is an MSP?

In a nutshell, A managed services provider (MSP) is typically in charge of managing a set list of technologies, apps or services, all the way up through managing your entire network and all of the devices tied to that network 24/7/365. At Dynamic Strategies we work with your existing IT team to fill gaps in the services they provide so that we can create a custom solution tailored to fit your needs.

We want to learn how you operate and ways in which we can automate certain functions that will streamline the way you do business so that you can accomplish a lot more in less time. Many times we work with partners and clients and realize they are using outdated systems and processes, which are hurting their ability to drive revenue and stay efficient.

Did we also mention that your bundle with these services all come at a flat, subscription-based rate? Budgeting just got a whole lot easier.

Technology Strategic or Technology Dependent?

Most businesses we deal with today fall into two categories. Technology Dependent, where they require mission critical uptimes or a specific technology to operate their day to day businesses or Technology Strategic, where they leverage technology progressively to achieve specific and targeted goals.  

Understanding the nuances of each of these styles of business is important to achieving long-term success and saving costly mistakes that could be avoided by having the wrong technology implemented for your specific business. Many clients before working with us, complained about how many times they had to abruptly change direction with technology or be forced to work with systems that no longer suit their needs.

An MSP that understands what business outcomes you are specifically trying to achieve can craft a technology roadmap built on a foundation that is tied to how you operate and can be scaled according to your growth patterns. After a careful assessment of your short term and long term objectives, they can recommend, implement and manage the right technology roadmap for your business, eliminating those unexpected and abrupt changes.


What’s different about Dynamic Strategies?

Here at Dynamic Strategies, we want to provide more than just the bits and bytes it takes to implement the right technology solutions, we want to learn what your business specifically needs from a sales, marketing, operations and financial perspective. We will help guide you into the right roadmap for your business and help manage and protect all of your assets and growth trajectory. Don’t hesitate to contact us and work with our team of dedicated professionals on your technology needs.

MSP eBook

Introducing our eBook on Choosing the Right MSP

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right MSP. Your technology is important, and it can’t be trusted with just anyone. First, you need to understand what exactly managed IT services are and what services your chosen MSP can provide you. Then, there are certain questions you should consider when evaluating the quality of your chosen IT provider. Next, make sure that they will make the transition as smooth as possible so that it doesn’t disrupt business. And lastly, your chosen MSP should be a partner in your success, staying with you rather than just supplying you with services, then leaving.

Understanding Managed IT Services and What They Cover

This is the first step in choosing the right MSP. What services do you need? What services do they offer? Do you need email hosting? Customer relationship management (CRM) applications? Cloud, storage, backup and recovery options? Network monitoring? Make sure you’ll get what you’re looking for.

MSP Questions to Consider

The quality of the MSP that you choose is equally as important. Are they up to date on the industry standards and best practices? Are they experienced? Do they have a good reputation? Are they certified in the specific solutions and services you’re interested in? Are they familiar/experienced in your vertical and size? And, most importantly, do you feel like you can trust them?

The Transition

Will your chosen MSP take the time to really understand your company? Will it analyze how your operations currently work so that when they transition them to their managed services, the switch over is smooth and won’t disrupt business? This is very important. Managed IT services aren’t here to complicate your life – they’re here to do the exact opposite. At Dynamic Strategies, we’ll take the time to review your company first so that we can design the best services for you, and so that implementation goes as smoothly as possible.

Will This MSP Be Your Partner?

Your chosen MSP shouldn’t only be interested in providing you with services and then leaving. They should have a true interest in your success, believing the thought that when you succeed, they succeed. At Dynamic Strategies, this is what we believe. We will continue to monitor your system, check in with you, and keep you updated on the latest IT updates and gadgets. We’re more than your services providers – we’re your partners.

Any more questions on how to choose the right MSP? Click here to read our Managed Services eBook for more information. We’d love to chat with you as well! You can contact us here.

MSP business meeting

5 Factors to Make or Break Your MSP Partnership

A managed service provider should be like your tech best friend. Would you continue to be best friends with someone if they continuously let you down/deceived you/didn’t respect you? Of course not! Just as friendships have expectations, so does a partnership with your MSP. Here are a few make or break points that you should look out for.

Break: You Still Have Tech Problems

This is exactly what an MSP should keep you away from. MSPs are staffed with the best tech experts out there, and it is their duty as your partner to keep your system up and running without fault. However, technology isn’t perfect and it’s understandable if it has a hiccup or complication at some point. That’s just the way things work. When this happens though, it is an MSP’s duty to take care of it for you. They should also be offering you proactive services that are constantly scanning your system for potential danger, and addressing what they find immediately. Most of the time, this stops the danger before it can even hit and cause harm. This significantly reduces the chance of having tech problems and system downtime, all while saving you money. So, if you are continuously experiencing IT problems, that’s definitely a breaking point for your MSP partnership.

Make: Your Infrastructure and Overall Operations Are Improving

As mentioned in the previous section, you’re dealing with tech experts when you turn to an MSP. Not only do they look after your technology, but they assess your specific situation to make sure you have services custom to YOU and YOUR needs. For example, here at Dynamic Strategies, we will custom tailor our solutions to your network and how it operates. We will also suggest services we think will help your network improve, like automation to take care of those daily, time-consuming tasks. We’ll also meet any IT demands you may require and scale to your needs. This flexibility and constant monitoring and maintenance will improve your overall  productivity, efficiency, and profits.

Break: Your MSP and IT Budget Is Unpredictable

Arguably, the largest selling factor of managed services is their monthly, flat rate IT. This makes budgeting easier, and eliminates the chance of surprise service costs. If you are having to constantly reach into your wallet for various IT demands and requests, your MSP isn’t doing its job and fulfilling its promise.

Break: You Don’t Have the Answers You Need

Another part of a MSP bundle is a 24/7/365 help desk. We’re available for you whenever you need us to be, and that’s something we take seriously. If you don’t have that constant assistance from your trusted partner, they shouldn’t be so trusted anymore.

Make: You Have a Trusted Partner

An MSP should be more than just a service provider. An MSP should be a partner that you form a strong relationship with. At Dynamic Strategies, we strive to become long-term partners with our clients. Our very first client is actually still doing business with us. We view it like this: if you succeed, we succeed. It’s our personal responsibility to make sure you succeed. We will remain by your side through any issue or complication, refusing to leave until it’s solved and all is well. That’s the type of mentality that an MSP should have, and this should be the biggest “make” factor. Want to learn more about MSPs? Contact us – we’d love to chat!


3 Signs You Have a Frankenstein Network

The screams and scares of Halloween are almost upon us. Soon, ghosts, vampires, and zombies will be roaming the streets, scaring everyone (or thing) they cross paths with. One of the scariest, of course, is Frankenstein’s monster. As is well known, Frankenstein’s monster was created from parts of animal, objects, and anything Victor (the scientist) could find use in. All of these parts were meshed together in an attempt to create this other being. Does this resemble your network? Rather than having a whole strategy, do you operate part by part, addressing specific problems as need be? With IT being as advanced as it is these days, not having strategy will hurt you in the long run.

Here are three signs that you have a Frankenstein network:

You’re paying for your fixes part by part

When your network is down, or your computer breaks, or you’re experiencing a data breach, what do you do? Do you fish out that list of numbers you have, find a mechanic and call him up, asking him what your options are, how long it will take, and how much? If you address your problems this way, you definitely have a Frankenstein network. You are also approaching things from a break-fix, or reactive approach, and there are many, very good reason why the majority of business out there are shifting away from this approach. Getting in contact with a managed service provider (MSP) and switching your IT over to proactive support can save you a lot of money. How? Well, Dynamic Strategies will work with you to create a custom bundle full of all the IT services you need. And then, this bundle will be charged on a flat, subscription-based rate. This way, no need to worry about extra costs from specific, unexpected problems. We’ve got you covered, and we’ve just simplified budgeting for you. See how having a whole, encompassing strategy is better than focusing on parts? See how your broken, Frankenstein network can’t even compare to this big picture strategy?

Your gameplan is as unpredictable as Frankenstein’s monster

And Frankenstein’s monster was pretty unpredictable. He killed Victor’s wife, cou— we’ll stop there with the spoilers. Either way, if you don’t have a gameplan of how you’re going to manage your services, your fate could end up the same as the monster. Okay maybe not that dramatic, but it won’t be good. You need experts managing your IT, and at Dynamic Strategies, we have all the knowledgeable experts you could need.

When we provide you with our proactive services, we are providing you with the best gameplan in the industry. We will implement a software that scans your system 24/7/365 to make sure that nothing ever goes wrong. And if we find something, we will fix it remotely, right then and there! Our unlimited help desk will never let your network become a Frankenstein network. Get those fears out of here.

“You’re trapped”

Ah, the third and final clue to determine if you have a Frankenstein network. With businesses increasing rapidly at an unmatched global pace, mobility is pretty important. If you don’t have any cloud-based unified communications because your IT infrastructure has a bunch of mismatched parts, that’s a bad sign. These cloud-based unified communications will allow you to work and access your files from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a device and an internet connection. If you wish to be successful, you need to dust off the cobwebs and make a change. If Victor Frankenstein had made a few, critical changes, his and the monster’s outcome would have been vastly different.

At Dynamic Strategies, we will transform your Frankenstein network into such an impressive system, you will be the ones scaring others off. From network monitoring to the cloud, our services will take you to the next level. Contact us today and you’ll see.


Why Businesses are Turning to an MSP

The impact technology has made on the world is undeniable, especially in the business world. In fact, many businesses can’t run without it – their success depends on it! With IT holding this much importance, shouldn’t it have the best protection out there to keep it running smoothly?

The answer is yes, and the way to this solution is through a managed service provider (MSP). Up until now, the most popular way of dealing with technological difficulties was through a break-fix model. This is when you deal with the damage after it has already happened. However, businesses have been moving away from this method because it’s costly, inconvenient, unpredictable, and unreliable.

MSP services are the complete opposite. With us, you will finally be able to enjoy the IT convenience and savings you’ve been craving. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why businesses are increasingly turning to an MSP.

What is an MSP?

Rather than replacing your internal IT team, an MSP will partner up with your company to provide proactive IT support. Proactive means there will be a software that scans the system/server/computer 24/7/365 and warns of any potential danger. The benefits of this are invaluable. We’ll explain why in the next section. Back to these services though, an MSP will work with your company to create a bundle custom to you. For example, VelocITs’ managed IT services help businesses with internal IT staff manage functions such as network monitoring, BDR, storage, cloud computing, and much more.

Did we also mention that your bundle with these services all come at a flat, subscription-based rate? Budgeting just got a whole lot easier.

How does turning to an MSP benefit me?

In many, many ways. The proactive nature of these technologies is invaluably effective. With the 24/7 monitoring, this allows you to detect any problems FAST and fix them remotely before they can do any real damage. The system will prioritize problems by escalating the larger ones to high-skilled resources. This is beneficial for multiple reasons. Firstly, you won’t have to go through any downtime due to broken technology. Nothing halts business more than downtime. And secondly, this will also save you any additional costs from having to roll out a technician to your location.

Adding onto the cost benefit, by having managed services, you don’t have to pay extra to train an IT expert for your company. This way, you also never have to worry about a member of your IT staff going on vacation or taking a break. Our technology, along with an expert help desk, will work for you non-stop. Unlimited access. Isn’t this the peace of mind all businesses need?

What’s different about VelocIT?

Here at VelocIT, it’s a given that we will provide you with all the technical assistance you need. But more importantly, we strive to become a long-term partner with our clients. Our very first client is still doing business with us. We will look at ourselves as your partner, and when we help you succeed, our partnership strengthens. We take it as a high responsibility of ours to accept and resolve any service request fully. This is what a dedicated MSP looks like, and this is why businesses are turning to us. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Top 5 Reasons IT Service Engagements Fail for Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, CIOs have come to the awareness that cost reduction alone is simply no longer enough. Outsourcers and managed service providers almost always provide for cost reduction, but often fall short in the area of operational efficiency and overall contribution to company productivity.

In this article we will review the reasons most frequently associated with failed outsourcing engagements.

So, what is it that causes IT service engagements for manufacturing organizations to fail? Read more


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Cyber Threat Assessment Program

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