Top 5 Reasons to have a TRUE IT Budget

Most of us are going through this fun time of year: Budget Cycle. Either you’re knee deep in it, have completed it, or are just plain ignoring it. Whatever your choice, here are 5 reasons to actually do it!

  1. Know the truth about your IT organization
  2. Prepares you for the questions
  3. Limits surprises
  4. Easier to obtain approvals if it’s budgeted
  5. Shows you are forward thinking and NOT reactionary

It’s been our experience that most smaller companies kind of “wing it” based on last year’s budget and some ideas of what they want to accomplish in the coming year.  Dynamic Strategies, Inc. are working hard on changing this method of IT Budgeting for our current and future clients.  We’re providing not only the IT Budgeting framework for our clients, but also an true IT Road Map.  This formal document and process drives not only the IT environment for our clients, but is also a tool for our clients to hold us accountable for our services.  Rather than just reacting to our clients needs we are driving the discussion, putting it to paper, and using this tool to enable our clients to succeed!

Below is a great article by a firm that focuses solely on IT Budgeting and Finance. Enjoy the read and reach out to us if your team would need help creating it’s IT Road Map!