VelocIT Lands Two Major IT Roadmap Projects

 An educational management company & a regional early education industry leader have tapped VelocIT to guide their growth through VelocIT’s Leadership based IT Roadmap process

VelocIT Roadmap

VelocIT is excited to work with two innovative companies in their respective verticals and outline their business’s short-term and long-term goals while developing a customized action plan. VelocIT’s roadmap process begins with an assessment of each company’s current state and leads to the development and implementation of a plan that reflects their strategic vision.


These companies are both in growth-mode and as their innovation accelerates, they have encountered growing pains, which is natural.  VelocIT’s IT Leadership and roadmap services are providing the blueprint to keep their initiatives aligned across the organization and to support future scalability keeping both businesses running smoothly.  The VelocIT process also reduces costs and in some cases has identified other revenue streams through technology, creating value for our clients beyond developing the initial roadmap.


VelocIT’s roadmap process is an excellent fit for businesses that find themselves working in a reactionary cycle and managing to short-term needs rather than strategic priorities. Our IT roadmap, which is guided by a CIO as opposed to an account manager, guides our clients to act more in-line with the strategy of the entire organization for investment discussions, planning improvement, and to better understand what is required of who and the associated timeline. This makes securing buy-in from business leadership a more structured processes which, in turn, makes it easier to earn buy-in from business users.  It also benefits technology leaders by encouraging collaboration that results in alignment on existing and new initiatives.  Our roadmap becomes a governing document that dictates specifically how technology will support the business strategy and help drive businesses priorities.


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VelocIT’s unique managed service delivery model builds trust. Our goal is to help you grow your business through IT Leadership. From infrastructure to end-user support, VelocIT partners with you to meet the unique technology needs specific to your business.  Our integrated approach to Information Technology Support consistently reduces operational costs while increasing end-user satisfaction for our partners.