VelocIT Partners with Vonage to Offer Enhanced Communication Tools

As VelocIT continues to grow and support a broader range of clients, we were keen on finding a communications solution that could help our clients communicate, collaborate, and compete. Our clients range from small startups to large global firms, so it was important that we found a partner that could support all of their needs, regardless of size. Providing solutions for clients as part of a holistic approach to their overall business by creating a roadmap for them prepares them for growth and new technologies.

In order to find the right solution for our clients, we evaluated over 10 different providers in order to find the best fit. The clear choice was Vonage. The Vonage platform allows us to incorporate new opportunities for our clients that we are excited to share. Useful communication tools such as Amazon Chime, an integrated solution for phone, web and video conferencing, and collaboration, will be an extremely valuable offer. It’s everything you need to supercharge productivity. Another example is the integration solutions that Vonage provides for us. Our clients are always looking for ways to integrate their CRM’s with other business tools, such as their phone systems, and this new solution will help meet these integration needs. Furthermore, Vonage’s mobility, scalable call center options, and network reliability are all features that will add value to our clients. With a broader range of business cloud communications products and services at our disposal, we are able to provide more choices for our clients and help them find the perfect fit. With increasingly complex business environments, we are determined to stay ahead of the curve and provide proactive solutions, like this communication suite, to our clients.

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