What Cybersecurity Trends Should We Expect for 2021?

2020 brought years of changes in how businesses operate and function in one year. As more people worked from home and relied on the network connections to complete work, there was more stress on cybersecurity and IT workers to make sure that everything stayed secure.

Moving into 2021 shows that many of the changes caused by COVID-19 have become the new normal, especially when it comes to working from home. More businesses are considering working from home to be a long-term option in some capacity in the future. With this in mind, here are some IT trends to expect in 2021.

Digital Transformation Will Grow

Technology has made it possible for our lives to continue, especially for work purposes. Thanks to the ability to adapt quickly to new changes and adopt new technology, working from home was an option for many businesses.

Many businesses are continuing down this path and are examining ways that technology and cyberinfrastructure will continue to change in the coming year. This way of working seems to be turning into our next normal and businesses are getting ready for how that will look for years to come.

Ransomware Attacks

Data shows that the majority of breaches in 2020 are financially motivated. This is expected to continue into 2021. A little over half of these attacks involved hands-on hacking and not autonomous malware. The financial industry has been especially threatened in 2020 and this is expected to continue into 2021.

Cybersecurity in financial businesses more than doubled in 2020. For businesses that operate in the B2B industry, it must adapt to the next normal of making sure that all firewalls and malware solutions are up to date. Even one wrong file can create problems.

The best way to prepare for potential attacks is to know what hacking attempts look like. Most attacks begin from files from unverified accounts. Setting expectations about what to do when receiving unexpected emails with unverified files attached is a great way to avoid cyberattacks.

5G Implementation

One of the new normals to expect in 2021 is the growth of 5G. 5G is expected to cover almost half of the world by 2024 and 2021 will be a time of major growth for cloud-based technology. As businesses expand to use 5G, IT services and security will need to be aware of potential threats and attacks.

5G will require higher standards of security and monitoring, especially as more businesses transition into this service. If this is a move that your business will make in 2021, get ready for the next normal of the company and be prepared for extra security measures.

The IT trends of 2021 encourage more security in all aspects of network infrastructure. Cybersecurity threats are a higher risk than they have been with more people working remotely. Making sure that everyone is up to date on current trends will go a long way in keeping businesses safe. Start a conversation with your IT solutions about what to expect in 2021.