What should be in a ‘Go Bag’ for business?

A ‘Go Bag’ is essentially a collection of items that will facilitate a specific task in an emergency. There are survival Go Bags, communications Go Bags and now we are seeing the emergence of the ‘Business Go Bag’.

Key functions need to occur, even during a regional disaster, in order for a business to survive. These may include production, transportation and communication. Arguably, the last one, especially communication with your customers, is of paramount importance.

So let’s talk about a Go Bag for key members of your customer service staff.

Situation: Commercial power is unavailable and communications infrastructure has been damaged in the effected area. Event duration is expected to be several days at a minimum.

Assumed: Company has an IP based PBX and company applications running in a secure data center.

A customer service Go Bag to deal with such a situation should include the following:

High-efficiency laptop with WiFi capability and Soft Phone software loaded and configured

-Headset/Microphone for laptop

-Cellular Wireless Access Point

-Cellular phone

-Standard phone-line type modem

-Temporary power supply (example)

With these items, a customer service rep has the ability to operate for extended periods in the absence of facilities that we have come to take for granted.

Customer calls will reach a rep who has the ability to take orders, answer questions about existing orders or respond to other customer inquiries.